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Hello! It's great to meet you.

Chetwyn Farm is a small business run by three generations of our family. We have worked hard to become growers of quality organic produce and can guarantee you will enjoy the fruits of our labor.


Chetwyn Farm’s land has a farming history that goes back to the 1800’s when it was an old cattle ranch. Since then, it has been exchanged through many hands. When we found the property in 2010, it was abandoned. But, we fell in love with it, and the beginning of Chetwyn Farm shortly followed. 


On the first day of visiting the property, we found some lemon and grapefruit trees dotting the upper road. This piqued our interest, since we had experimented with growing different fruit trees in the small backyard of our previous home. When we found an avocado tree among the citrus, our avocado adventures began.


Now we have added over 450 avocado trees to our farm—in addition to many other fruits trees and vegetables and a herd of goats. There have been lots of challenges but even more blessings, and we have enjoyed every minute of living here.


Environmental Impact

We understand the worsening conditions of the natural world, so we make an effort to produce premium products with environmentally friendly practices. Methods like mulching, composting, and using organic fertilizer allow our crops to thrive while preserving the native wildlife. We aim to become a self-sustainable ecosystem that works in harmony with the land.

On our journey of seeing how we can be more planet-friendly, we became certified as a Real Organic Farm. The Real Organic Project works to protect the title of "organic" within farms certified by USDA organic. Some farms find loopholes that allow them to keep the "organic" title when their products aren't up to the standard. Real Organic Project is a response to this issue. They make sure farms grow their food in soil and raise their animals on pastures, with a focus in soil health and animal welfare. We are proud to say that Chetwyn has been certified as a Real Organic Farm.


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Doing Good With Every Chetwyn Purchase

With every purchase from Chetwyn Farm, 10% of the sale is donated to Agros International, an organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty for poor families living in rural Central America. Agros provides families with land of their own, teaches them how to both cultivate profitable crops and manage their finances, and works to improve the health of their village by constructing health clinics. 

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