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Looking for a fun team-building excursion for your group? An opportunity to show your class where food comes from? Want your university students to see sustainable farming firsthand? Schedule a farm tour! 

We host groups of every age, profession, and walk of life and allow them to dive into the compete farm experience. Different activities are provided depending on the group, but everyone will get to feed the heard, take a stroll through the avocado grove, and leave with fond memories (and maybe some stray grass seeds). 

We host farm tours at 10am on every 2nd Saturday of the month


Farm Tour Options


Farm Tour

Consists of a 2-hour guided farm experience. You will explore our avocado grove, fruit orchards, and gardens, and we will loop by the pasture so you get a chance to meet and feed our small herd of sheep and goats. We set aside time afterwards to eat your packed lunch by the chickens. There will also be an opportunity to purchase seasonal fruit and vegetables.


School Tour

Through AIM (Agricultural Insistute of Marin) we host tours for schools. In addition to the content of the usual farm tour, we also teach students through educational stations around the farm. These include but are not limited to: agriculture production, bees and insects, soil health, how to make healthy living choices, and hands-on farm experience (appropriate to age and ability). 

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